Aqua Pennsylvania is committed to helping current Chester Water Authority customers.

"We are ready to partner with communities served by Chester Water Authority."

How Aqua Pennsylvania Can Help CWA Customers

Aqua Pennsylvania at a Glance

In May 2017, Aqua requested that Chester Water Authority (CWA) engage in a conversation as an option to address issues that the authority and residents need to face. Aqua provides safe drinking water to 1.4 million people in 32 counties across Pennsylvania and protects this most essential resource to best serve our customers, communities, employees and the environment. We understand the issues that face water systems across the nation, including those of CWA.

Aqua’s interest was to address some of CWA’s potential vulnerabilities, such as supply issues, infrastructure concerns such as aging pipelines and, of course, the city of Chester’s Act 47 issue, one that could result in a state takeover. Read More >>